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We have three types of critter accommodation available

Critter-Creek_website_on-offer-buttons_squareIndividual “hotel” suites
Especially for those very pampered pets who enjoy the finer things in life or those that prefer to keep their own company. The individual “hotel” suites are available for both cats and dogs, however we are not able to house a cat and a dog from the same family in one room. For more info click here.

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“Motel” kennels” accommodation
The Kennels are available for both small dogs and larger dogs.  For the comfort and safety of all our clients small dogs are kept separate from the medium to large dogs. For more info click here.

Critter-Creek_website_on-offer-buttons-2_square“Motel” cattery accommodation 
The Cattery is split into two areas, indoor and outdoor, which are connected to create an indoor/outdoor flow.  The cattery is communal and therefore all cats entering the cattery must be de-sexed. For more info click here.